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The County Treasurer duties are...

  • Collects Property Tax

  • Collects All Money Belonging to Hamlin County

  • Maintain Accounting Records for Hamlin County

  • Issue Motor Vehicle Registrations Licenses

  • Reporting Registration to South Dakota Division of Motor Vehicles

  • Recording all Liens, Canceling Liens, and Duplicate titles. 

Important Property Tax Dates:

  • First Half of Property Tax Due:  April 30th

  • Second Half of Property Tax Due:  October 31st

  • Mailing Payment MUST be Post Mark Before Those Dates.

For more information about motor vehicle licenses or real estate tax programs, please click on the blue buttons. 

Treasurer's Information

Jessica Delzer

Hamlin County Treasurer

PO Box 267

Hayti, South Dakota 57241-0267

Phone:  (605) 783-3441

Fax:  (605) 783-3201

Treasurer's Hours

Monday through Friday


Closed on weekends and legal holidays.


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