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Motor Vehicle License

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The Treasurer's Office titles and licenses all new and used motor vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, snowmobiles, and boats.  Our office also records and releases liens placed on vehicles.  

Titling Your Vehicle in South Dakota

South Dakota residents have 45 days from the date of purchase of a new or used vehicle to transfer the title into their name.  A penalty of $1.00 per week up to 26 weeks will be assessed for late transfers.  The penalty for a transfer after 26 weeks is $50.00.  Interest on the 4% excise tax will also be assessed on any title transfer done after 45 days.    

A 4% excise tax is imposed on most motor vehicle transactions unless they qualify for an exemption. The tax is based on the purchase price of the motor vehicle listed on the bill of sale, purchase order, or sale contract.  All vehicles 10 model years or newer are taxed, regardless of the purchase price.  Vehicles that are 11 years or older, may be exempt from the 4% excise tax if the bill of sale indicated a price of $2,500 or less.  Credit is given for trade-ins.

Vehicle Registration Renewals

Registration on commercial, non-commercial vehicles, trailers, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and boats are done on a staggered licensing system based on the first letter of the owner's last name, or in the case of a business, on the beginning letter of the business name.  

  • A, B - January

  • C, D, E - February

  • F, G, J - March

  • H, I, O - May

  • K, L - June

  • M, N - July

  • P, Q, R - August

  • S - September

  • T thru Z - November

Commercial Vehicle Plates

The County Treasurer is able to process titles for commercial vehicles and trailers. Please be sure to have with you the completed title(s), bill of sale, and all pertinent information about the vehicle or trailer (examples: weight, length, make/model, mileage, etc.)  Out of state title transfer must also include a scale ticket showing the weight. Scale tickets can be obtained from a local elevator or commercial scale.  

The Treasurer is not able to license or process title transfers on prorated commercial vehicles or tractor/trailers.  Please contact for more information about prorating or contact the SD Department of Revenue.  

The Hamlin County Treasurer's Office does not issue IRS 2290 forms.  Forms are available for pick-up in the Treasurer's Office.  Form 2290 must be filed with the IRS.

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