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Highway Department

Hamlin County Highway Department's main office is located on the eastern edge of Hayti, South Dakota along State Highway 21 or across the highway from the SD Department of Transportation.  The department is made up of a Highway Superintendent, Office Secretary, Blade Operators, Truck Drivers and Maintenance Crews.

The department is responsible for every day maintenance of county roads and other county owned property, such as the courthouse and 4H grounds. Townships and communities may contract with the county to provide road maintenance, repairs and snow plowing when needed. 

The department does not maintain or have responsibility for federal highways, township roads, state highways, city streets and private roads that run through Hamlin County. Individuals that have concerns regarding these roads are asked to contact the local government such as township or city members.

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Highway Department's Information

Bryan Pedersen

Hamlin County Highway Superintendent

Cathy Popham

Office Administrator

PO Box 297

Hayti, South Dakota 57241-0297

Phone:  605 783-3626

Fax: 605 783-2208

Highway Department Hours

Monday through Thursday


Closed on Fridays, weekends and legal holidays.  If holidays fall on a Friday, the department will be closed on Thursday.

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