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Director of Equalization

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The function of the Director of Equalization Office is to annually value all real property in Hamlin County at its full and true value.

The Director of Equalization and his staff are responsible for discovering, listing and valuing all real property within the county.  They are also responsible for linking real properties to their respective owners and placing assessed values and owner's names on assessment roles.

Types of properties included in the assessment process are: residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural classes of property.  The office is responsible for determining the taxable value of over 6,800 parcels.

The Director of Equalization has a number of additional responsibilities which include providing equalization between classes of property; deciding on adjustments to property values; administering all state laws pertaining to the ad valorem property tax assessment; providing for the review and appeal of assessments; testifying in court on assessments; and deciding on tax exemptions and tracking each exemption.  


The Director of Equalization and his staff must be certified by the South Dakota Department of Revenue to assess real property for tax purposes.  After initial certification, appraisers must be re-certified every five years.  The requirements for re-certification include: attending and passing the annual Department of Revenue sponsored school, attending workshops and attending the South Dakota Association of Assessing Officers Conferences.

Equalization's Information

Gayleen Rothenberger, CAA

Hamlin County Director of Equalization

Tammy White

Hamlin County Deputy Director of Equalization

PO Box 128

Hayti, South Dakota 57241-0128

Phone:  605 783-3331

Fax: 605 783-2204

Equalization's Hours

Monday through Friday

8:00AM to 12:00PM CENTRAL TIME


Closed on weekends and legal holidays. 

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