Emergency Management

The goal for Emergency Management across the state of South Dakota is to protect the citizens and their property from the effects of natural, man made and technological disasters.


Preparedness, Respond, Recovery and Mitigation are recognize the four phases of emergency management.

The office of Emergency Management duties is to provide preparedness plans to keep the continuity of government during any type of disaster or major emergency or incident.  

Weather spotting and management of spotters fall under the office.  All weather spotters within the county report to the Emergency Management which the information is sent to the National Weather Service Office in Aberdeen, South Dakota for broadcast to the general public in the form of warnings or weather bulletins.  

The office also works on and provides assistance on federal grants such as providing weather sirens in communities and obtaining radios for emergency personnel such as fire departments and ambulance services.

Emergency Management Information

Dave Schaefer

Hamlin County Emergency Manager

300 4th Street

Hayti, South Dakota 57241

Phone:  605 783-7831

Fax: 605 783-3201

E-mail:  hamcoem@itctel.com

Emergency Management Hours

By Appointment Only

Closed on weekends and legal holidays.