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If a death occurs without the attendance of a licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner, the person in charge of the deceased shall notify the county coroner and county sheriff of such death by state law.


The county coroner is an elected official who is required to investigate all untended, unnatural and unidentified deaths and must complete a medical certificate from the statement of relatives or other persons having adequate knowledge of the facts.  The coroner, or deputy coroner in the absence of the coroner, shall complete, sign, and file the medical certificate with the department within five days of the date of death, unless an autopsy or investigation is pending, in which case the pending autopsy or investigation shall be noted on the medical certificate. In the absence of a coroner or deputy coroner, or if the coroner is unable to act, and only in such case, the local registrar shall prepare the medical certificate from the statement of relatives or other person having knowledge of the facts.


In Hamlin County, the Coroner does not have an office at the Courthouse and can only be contacted by phone.    

Coroner's Information

Donna Thompson

Hamlin County Coroner

Phone:  605 783-3232

Watertown Dispatch:  605 882-6210

Fax:  605 783-1330

Coroner's Office Hours

No Hours

Coroner Does Not Have An Office at the Courthouse.

On Call Only

Closed on weekends and legal holidays. 

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