County Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners is made up of five individuals representing five different districts throughout Hamlin County.  Members of the board are elected for a four-year term and take on many tasks while serving.  These tasks include... adopting the county budget, acting as human resources for employees, setting employees' salaries, passing county ordinances, appointing county officials that are not elected into office, overseeing public concerns, reviewing zoning issues and so much more.    

Board members represent all citizens of Hamlin County and are the citizen's voices in the county government.  Therefore it is encouraged for all residents to keep them informed and up-to-date with any questions or concerns that might arise. Residents may do this by contacting their district representative or coming to Board of Commissioner meetings, which are held at least twice a month and always open to the public (except for executive sessions required under state law). Agendas are posted online and at the courthouse at least 24 hours before the beginning of the meeting. 


Commissioner's Information

Board Member

Randall Rudebusch

18093 460th Ave

Castlewood SD 57223

Phone: (605) 793-2308

District One Member

Term Ends:  2022

Board Member

Leland Roe

18253 446th Ave

Hazel SD 57242

Phone: (605) 783-3200

District Two Member

Term Ends: 2024


Doug Noem

44429 194th St

Bryant SD 57221

Phone: (605) 628-2934

District Three Member

Term Ends:  2024

Board Member

Jay Baldwin

332 West Lake Dr

Lake Norden SD 57248

Phone: (605) 520-3402

District Four Member

Term Ends: 2022

Vice Chairman

Larry Saathoff

46278 Oakwood St

Estelline SD 57234

Phone: (605) 690-7960

District Five Member

Term Ends: 2022

Commissioner's Meetings Location

Hamlin County Courthouse

300 4th Street

Hayti, South Dakota 57241

Commissioner's Room

Second Floor

Come Through Auditor's Office

Get On the Agenda

To get onto the Hamlin County meeting agenda, please contact the Hamlin County Auditor at least four business days before the meeting date.  Please note, a section of meeting is set aside for public comment, but the time is limited to speak.

Dixie Opdahl

Hamlin County Auditor

PO Box 237

Hayti, South Dakota 57241-0237

Phone:  605 783-3201

Fax: 605 783-3389