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Civil Process

Civil service is one of many duties the staff at the Hamlin County Sheriff's Office provides.  Many people may not know, officers with the department serve a number of papers to citizen at their residence or collect debt for distress warrants issued by the Treasure's Office or collects money for Execution of Judgement, an order from the courts.  The civil process also includes sheriff's sale, a written order to the sheriff to sell property that has been foreclosed.  

For these services, South Dakota State Law 7-12-18 sets civil process fees that are collected by the sheriff's office.  At times, such fees may be collected before service begins.


Mileage at $0.59 per mile will be added to the service fees.  These fees are layout below...

Affidavit: $50.00 plus mileage

Complaint: $50.00 plus mileage

Distress Warrants: $25.00

Execution of Judgement: $95.00

Levy on Execution: $50.00

Notice: $50.00 plus mileage

Order: $50.00 plus mileage

Petition: $50.00 plus mileage

Protection Orders: No Fee

Quit and Vacate: $50.00 plus mileage

Small Claims Notice: $50.00 plus mileage

Subpoena: $20.00 plus mileage

Summons: $50.00 plus mileage

Warrant for Arrest: $25.00

Writ of Habeas Corpus: $3.25

Different service of Complaint, Summons, Affidavit, Notice on another person at approximately the same time and place.  $10.00

Completion of Execution of Judgement or Order of Sale, Order of Attachment, Decree or on Sale of Real Property or Personal Property.  Commission Fees May Apply.

Contact Us

Request for Civil Service:

Hamlin County Sheriff's Office
ATTN: Civil Service

PO Box 208

Hayti, SD 57241-0208


Phone Information

Phone: (605) 783-3232 

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