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Auditor's Office


The County Auditor is an elected official who can be thought of as the county accountant, as this position requires appropriating funds to correct accounts, paying bills, keeping inventory of county property, maintaining capital assets records, and calculating payroll, among many other duties.

The Auditor serves as clerk to the County Commission by keeping records of commissioner proceedings by posting agendas, taking and posting meeting minutes, and any other tasks as requested by the County Commission.

The Auditor is also responsible for voter registration, including the master voter registration, and coordinating all countywide elections, including primary & general elections.

Auditor's Information

Dixie Opdahl

Hamlin County Auditor

PO Box 237

Hayti, South Dakota 57241-0237

Phone:  605 783-3201

Fax: 605 783-3389

Auditor's Office Hours

Monday through Friday


Closed on weekends and legal holidays. 

Register to Vote
Vote buttons on flag

To register to vote, you may download a voter's registration form, fill it out and return the original form to the Auditor's Office. You may also stop by the Auditor's Office and fill out or drop off the form there. 

Voter's Registration Form

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